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Ways to Volunteer

Whether you can give a few hours, a few weeks, or a few months, volunteering with Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana is flexible and fun!

Below you'll find the many volunteer opportunities we offer.

Volunteer with a Girl Scout Troop or Girl You Know »

There are many roles that can fit with your lifestyle including:

  • Troop Leader or Assistant Leader - Work with a group of girls and mentor them as they make new friends and develop connections that will last a lifetime. 
  • Troop Family and Friends - Assist with driving, activity planning, snacks, money management, or other tasks necessary to keep the troop running smoothly.
  • Troop Cookie Volunteers - Coordinate the annual cookie sale at the troop level including cookie booth set-up, inventory and money management.
  • Service Unit Volunteers - Mentor adult volunteers as they work with Girl Scouts to create memories they will never forget!

Join Girl Scouts to get started, or learn more about starting a Girl Scout Troop!

Have questions first? Contact us and someone will be in touch.


Short Term Volunteer Opportunities »

Girl Scouts also need volunteers at events, programs, and camps.  

Share your time, talents and skills with girls and adults one-time, for a short term, or by joining a committee.  

View all episodic, short term volunteer opportunities »

If you don't see an opportunity that fits your desires, call Julie Gilmartin at 630-544-5973 to discuss what your group would like to accomplish. 


Lead Girls through our new Becoming Me program »

Inspired by themes from Michelle Obama’s Becoming: Adapted for Young Readers, this new program series will guide girls of all ages to becoming their best selves. 

Volunteer to guide girls as they explore the truth in their own stories and the power of their voices! You will work with girls during 6-8 fun-filled and inspirational virtual sessions.

  • You can choose the dates and times that work for you.
  • Girl Scouts staff will provide training, a facilitator guide, and a Zoom license.
  • Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana will connect you with girls who wish to participate.

Sign-up to get started »


Girls with microscope for Volunteer Essentials

Become a Girl Scout Champion

Introduce Girl Scouts to girls in your community

Girl Scout Champions play a vital role in helping to spread the word about how awesome it is to be a Girl Scout! Champions introduce Girl Scouts to new girls and adults within their own communities, whether it's hosting local events, sending information to schools, or simply bringing flyers and brochures to libraries.

Girl Scout Champions have the power to educate their community about how both girls and adults can join Girl Scouts in the Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana areas!

Who Can Become a Champion
  • The role of champion is available to anyone who is a member of Girl Scouts, is in good standing and has completed a background check. 
  • Champions are identified by their local service unit manager and council recruiter. 
  • They can also be adult members who are in sharing their passion for Girl Scouts with their community. 
  •  Champions are chosen because they work well with others, are familiar with their community (or are willing to learn) and are excited about meeting people and making new connections.
  • We request champions agree to at least a one-year term so that there is time to become comfortable with your position and build valuable relationships. 
  • You can expect to spend 3-5 hours per month in your role as champion during our peak membership season (August through October) and only 0-3 hours during the other months.  
Role Description
Girl and Volunteer Hands In

As a Girl Scout Champion, you will work closely with your council recruiter to:

  • Promote the mission and benefits of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.
  •  Actively engage in getting new volunteers and girls to join Girl Scouts.
  • Increase Girl Scout visibility within your community.
  • Identify new community partnerships.

You can accomplish this by:

  • Using the suggestions in this guide.
  • Utilizing council-supplied recruitment tools and marketing materials.
  • Attending helpful champion training.
  • Organizing recruitment events and/or attending community and school events.

You will have lots of support, including:

  • Council recruiter – we are here to help you plan, get materials, run events, and bounce around ideas to reach more girls and their families.
  • Service unit manager and team – they know your community and can help you determine where your efforts are best spent.
  • Other volunteers – we can cover more events if we invite other volunteers to join us, especially since we know you cannot attend everything yourself.
  • Online resources and training – there are lots of tips and tricks to make your time as a champion fun and easy.

We need inspiring volunteers (like you!) to spread the word about joining Girl Scouts to girls and families, and to help place new members in troops.