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If you have questions, concerns, or issues that need immediate attention, we're here to help! Call our main line at 1-855-456-8347, or email us at You can even chat with us using the chat icon at the bottom of this page.

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Toll-free:  1-855-ILOVEGS (1-855-456-8347)
If you are experiencing an Emergency and need to reach someone at council after hours, please use the following phone number.
After-hours Emergency phone number: 1-877-870-5823

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We have six offices and program centers across our council.

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Membership Registration Help

Renew Adults/Girls

The steps below will help you renew a Girl and/or Adult in your household:

  1. Go to and click "MY Account".
  2. Enter your email and password to login to your Girl Scout account.
  3. Click “My Account”, then "My Household"
  4. Find the people you want to renew and checkmark all the boxes that apply for the adults you are renewing, Checkmark their membership, troop(s), and role that they would like to renew into. Checkmark all that apply. For adults, there will only be one $25 charge even if multiple positions are renewed. 
    • For the girls you are renewing, checkmark the membership and troop that she would like to renew into. Checkmark all that apply.
  5. Fill in the form fields and follow the prompts to complete the registration process for all members of your household.
Household Information

My Account

The My Account page provides a snapshot of your household, Troops and Events.

Your Household
  • A snapshot of your household displays at the top of your My Account page. Household members include all of the girls in your household and their caregivers. Here you see the troop(s) household members participate in, the program age level of these troops, and membership status of household members.
My Troops
  • ·A snapshot of the troops affiliated with your household displays on the My Account page.
My Household

All of your household members display on this page. From here, there are many tasks you can complete for household members, including:

  • Personal Information Updates: Update their address, school and more under "Edit Details".
  • Renewals: Process their renewals for next year or upgrade them to a Lifetime Membership.
  • Mid-year Participation Updates: Add/change troops or add volunteer roles at any time.
  • Household Updates: Request to add or remove caregivers to/from your household.
  • Membership Cards: Print membership cards for household members.
  • Any primary caregiver of a girl can log in and manage these tasks for her household.

As the household’s “Admin” you have rights to manage household member information and complete household member registrations. Only household members listed as “Admin” have these abilities. Your login credentials authenticate you as the household “Admin”.  As the Admin of your household, you have access to the following features at the bottom of your My Household page:

  • Register a new household member: Add a new registered member to your household
  • View household membership cards: Print membership cards for any   registered member in your household.
  • Remove an existing contact from account: Remove adults from your household and place them in their own household; indicate which girls (if any) are transferring to the new household. Council may follow up on this request.
  • Assign caregivers to girls in your household: Add new caregivers to your household.
Change Troop
  • You can complete a troop transfer for a girl in your household by clicking “Change Troop”.  Council may follow up on troop transfer requests.
Add a Troop
  • You can add members of your household to additional troops at any time. This will not transfer a member out of a troop but rather increase her participations.
  • As the ‘Admin’ of your household, you can renew household members for the next membership year. Simply select the boxes for the members you want to renew and click the “Renew” button at the top of this page.

    You must take care to ensure all the desired participations are renewed for each member. For girls renewing to the same troop, the Membership and Troop boxes should be selected. For adults renewing to the same role, the Membership, Troop and Role boxes should be selected. For members who wish to renew their membership only without a troop participation, the Membership box should only be selected.
Renew as Adult
  • When girls reach the age of 18 or are in grade 12, they automatically will have the option to renew as an adult. During renewal, household admins can purchase an annual adult membership or discounted lifetime membership for the bridging girl.
Troop Leader Information

The My Troops page provides a snapshot of the troops that members of your household belong to, similar to what you see on the My Account page.

  • The Role column displays the volunteer roles for adults in your household.
Open Spots
  • The number of open spots for girls and adults displays for each household member’s troop.
Available Roles
  • Troops have both leaders and supporting volunteers. The roles vary by council and have different levels of commitment, but they all contribute to the troop’s long-term success!

    Vacant volunteer roles are shown here on the My Troops dashboard and are visible to troop leaders and caregivers.

    To fill one of these positions, caregivers/volunteers could choose the role here. Clicking either role displays detailed information about the role and enables them to register.

    New volunteers would be prompted during self-enrollment to register as members. After registration they would be asked to complete whatever screening is required for the role (e.g. background check).
Create a Troop
  • To start a new troop, click “Create a New Troop” to begin the process. You will be prompted to enter some key information. Afterward, you will receive a call from council to finish setting up your new troop!
Edit Meeting Details
  • The troop’s meeting location, address, day, and time display here for all troop members. Troop leaders can edit this information at any time, and it is visible to all troop members.

    Troop meeting information also displays in the troop’s description in the Participation Catalog, where prospective members search for available troops and join. Prospective members will see the day and time the troop meets and the approximate meeting location on a map, within a quarter mile.
Contact Information
  • Your contact information is visible to active members of the troop. You can update your name, phone number or email address on the My Profile Page.
Select All
  • During Spring Renewal, you can renew members of your troop for another year of fun, friends, and new experiences! By checking the “Select All” box, you can renew all girl members at the same time. After selecting all the girls, you could uncheck the boxes of any girls who won’t be returning in the fall.
Hide Inactive and Not Returning Member
  • Your list of troop members includes members flagged as “Not returning” for next year, and inactive members of the troop whose memberships have lapsed. These individuals display in grey in the troop listing. You can click this option to hide these members from your view.
Edit Details
  • From “Edit Details”, you can edit personal information for members of your troop, like their address or school.
Time to Renew Membership
  • During Spring Renewal, the Status for active troop members changes to “Time to Renew Membership”, as a reminder to process their renewals for next year.

    After processing a renewal for next year, the status will revert to “Active Member” again.
Renewal Checkbox
  • You can process renewals for any member by checking the box next to their name and selecting the “Renew” button above.
Not Returning
  • You can check the “Not returning” box and save the update indicate that a member is not returning to your troop next year. This changes her status to “End Participation” and prohibits you from processing a renewal for her.

    At the start of the next membership year, any members who have not renewed will display as “Not Returning” in the troop listing. While you, as a Troop Leader, cannot renew them after 9/30, the girls’ caregivers still can complete their renewals from My Household.
Active Membership
  • Prior to Spring Renewal, all active troop members display a status of  “Active Membership”. When Spring Renewal starts, their status changes to “Time to Renew Membership.” It will change back to “Active Membership” after their renewals are processed.
Renew as adult
  • Graduating seniors or girls who are 18 without a grade are automatically prompted to renew as an adult next year.
Membership Pending
  • New members who join the troop before October 1, display a status of ‘Membership Pending.’ This guarantees her spot in the troop!

    A Note about Financial Aid Request:
    Leaders will also see the status ‘Membership Pending’ if a caregiver has requested financial aid to pay for a girl’s renewal. When the financial aid is approved and processed by the council, the status will change to “Active Membership”.

    In contrast, leaders will not have any visibility to new members who join the troop until their membership payment has been processed in full. That means, joining members that request financial aid will not be added to the troop listing until the financial aid is approved and processed by the council.
Inactive Members
  • Troop members who decide not to renew will be greyed out with a status of “End Participation.” While you, as a troop leader, will not be able to renew lapsed members after 9/30, their caregivers can renew them in their  My Household.
Select All
  • By checking the “Select All” box, you could renew all adult troop member at the same time. After selecting all the adults, you could uncheck the boxes of any adults who will not be returning in the fall.
Adult Renewals
  • Troop leaders can renew memberships tor adult members in the troop who renew a volunteer role. If an adult does not want to renew as a volunteer, they must complete their membership renewal from My Household.
Purchase a Lifetime Membership
  • At any time throughout the year, the troop may decide to purchase a lifetime membership for adult members of the troop. Then, each year, during spring renewal, lifetime members renew their troop affiliation and volunteer roles.
  • A “Screening” status indicates an adult has selected” a volunteer role that requires screening, like a criminal background check. Once approved, the status changes to “Active”.
Meeting Details
  • Caregivers can review troop meeting information for the troop but cannot edit it.
Contact Information 
  • Caregivers can see the troop leader’s contact information.
Member Details
  • Caregivers only see member of their household listed in the troop. Only approved troop leaders see all the troop members in their list.
Additional Links
  • Caregivers can invite others to join this troop. They also can print membership cards for household members who belong to this troop.
My Profile
  • You can update your name, phone number, or email address from My Profile. The name, phone number, and email address entered here displays to all troop members when they log in and view the troop. You can change your email address, which is the Username on your account. If you change it, you will need to open a verification email to confirm the new email address before you can log in again.
  • You can view the demographics collected when you joined but cannot edit them. If you need to make changes, contact Customer Care.
  • Here you can choose a Preferred language. You can also indicate whether you speak other languages under Spoken language(s).

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