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Custom Programs

Let us customize a program that works best for you! You can now choose between a virtual custom program or an in-person custom program!

  • Virtual Custom Programs: You pick the time and program, we'll provide the rest! All virtual custom programs will be a flat fee of $35. You can view our virtual custom program openings and request a program here. All virtual custom programs require at least one adult supervisor to meet girl to adult ratios.
  • In-Person Custom Programs: You pick the camp facility or Gathering Place, date, and time! Please note that only the dates and times listed for each location are available. We are not able to schedule alternate dates or times at this time. Custom programs are currently only available to troops or service units. Each program will cost $15/girl. Minimum and maximum numbers of program participant may change due to county and state COVID guidelines. We will communicate with you the current maximums when booking your program.  

Browse the custom program options below to schedule your own custom program!

Schedule a Virtual Custom Program
Schedule a Custom In-Person Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a custom program cost?

Virtual custom programs are a flat rate of $35. In-person custom programs are each $15/girl.

What is included in the program? What do I need to provide?

We provide: Trained program facilitators, all supplies, camp or Gathering Place location, and an easy-to-use registration system for you to schedule and book a program.

You provide: Your preferred location (must be a GSGCNWI property), please reference the current state/county COVID guidelines for minimum and maximum number of girls. Two adult chaperones maximum.

When are you available to do custom programs? Why can't I book a specific time?

Book online to see our most up-to-date availability. If you see a time free, you can go ahead and book it! If a time isn't available, it won't be available for selection on the calendar.

How far in advance can I schedule a custom program?

We need at least one month's notice to set up an in-person custom program and two weeks for a virtual custom program.

What is the minimum number of girls for a custom program? What is the maximum?

Please reference the current state/county COVID guidelines for minimum and maximum number of girls. We also need ONLY 2 adult chaperones.