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The name Juliette means a lot to our organization, and that's why we're sharing it with individually registered members (IRMs).

Juliettes have the power to build their very own Girl Scout experience by completing Journeys, earning badges and attending council programs that appeal to their interests. They can also participate in the Girl Scout tradition of community service through take action projects and earning the highest awards. Plus, all of these progressive, exceptional experiences can be funded by participating in our annual fall product and Girl Scout Cookie programs.

Juliette Mentors

Juliette mentors are parents or trusted adults who guide an individually registered member through her experience. Mentors should:

  • Register as an adult member of Girl Scouts
  • Follow Volunteer Essentials and Safety Activity Checkpoints to keep
  • Seek out and relay information and opportunities for Juliettes to create a well-rounded experience
  • Stay connected to other Juliette mentors in their service unit