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Logo Guidelines

Girl Scouts GCNWI Servicemark

  • The Girl Scouts GCNWI Servicemark is the primary brand mark.
    The Servicemark should not be reassembled or manipulated in any way.
  • The text portion of the Servicemark should never be separated from the Profiles.
  • Only the official colors of the Servicemark should be used (PMS 355 and Black).
  • The Servicemark does not require a registration mark (®) at this time.

Girl Scout Service Mark

  • Apply two-color marks to white, green, black, and very light-colored backgrounds.
  • Apply one-color marks only on printed materials when the background demands it. In extreme cases where the background does not present enough contrast with a two-color Servicemark, only one-color green or white Servicemarks are permissible.
  • Note: In digital design, always use a two-color Servicemark.
  • On a green (PMS 355) background only, apply the white Profiles.
  • On a black background only, apply the white text.
  • If applying a two-color mark, the Profiles should never be rendered in black.
  • Profiles should never be rendered in white unless on a green (PMS 355) background.

Our Core Colors