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Recruitment Resources


If you're a Girl Scout troop volunteer looking for girls (and adults!) to join you, or you’re wanting to promote Girl Scouts throughout your community, we want to help you spread the word and invite new girls to experience the fun.

YOU are the most valuable recruitment tool you have! Your knowledge and experience, passion and advocacy makes new members want to join and further the Girl Scout mission. 

Recruitment Fliers

Download these editable fliers for printing on your own.

Each flier below is a Word document and will automatically download when the link is clicked

Download Recruitment Fliers Here

Didn't find what you need here?

Request customized, printed fliers for your event bleow:

Request Recruitment Supplies

We're happy to provide our service units with an amazing array of fun, branded recruitment supplies at no charge. Fill out our form to request items.

Virtual Recruitment
Request a Parade Kit

Parade Kits are available for you to rent!

Each kit includes:

  • 1 Carrying case
  • 1 Girl Scout banner
  • 2 Find Your Spark magnets
  • 8 Girl Scout flags (handheld)
  • Recruitment handouts

Parade kits can be picked up at your nearest GCNWI Gathering Place.

Contact Customer Care to Reserve a Parade Kit »

Upload Leads

Once your event is over come back here to upload your leads and let us know how the event went.

Once you’ve had a successful recruitment event, then you can upload the information through our Lead Submission Form!

Through the form you will have the option to:

  • Upload a Spreadsheet
  • Type in leads one-by-one
  • Upload a scan of your leads

Access the Lead Submission Form »