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Girl Scout Troop Annual Checklist


Thank you for your Leadership to your Girl Scout Troop.  We appreciate the time and talents you share with your Girl Scouts. Reference the calendar below throughout each Girl Scout year to keep track of important dates, best practices, and requirements for you and your girls.

The calendar is formatted to match the "Girl Scout Year" which runs October 1 to September 30 annually.

Date Event
October 1 Girl Scout New Membership Year begins!
Please confirm all of your Girl Scouts are registered for the year.
October 5  Volunteer Leadership Expo in Tinley Park
October 19 Volunteer Leadership Expo in Skokie, IL
October 1 - 20 Fall Product Program
Ask your families to support you and your Girl Scouts by being a Troop Cookie Manager. Volunteers can work together in a team.
October 31 Juliette Gordon Low's Birthday (Founder's Day).
Search GCNWI programs about Juliette Gordon Low!
  • Attend a Service Unit Meeting.
Date Event
November 8 Fall Product Delivery begins
Resources for Fall Product managers.
  • Attend Troop Cookie Manager Training in your Service Unit.
  • Service Unit Volunteer Award Nominations due to Girl Scout Council.
  • Attend Troop Cookie Manager Training in your Service Unit.
  • Host a family Troop meeting, or attend a Service Event in your community with other Girl Scout families in your Troop.
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of yourself and your Girl Scouts this season! This is a great time to give thanks and give back to your community.
Date Event
January 1 Cookie Season begins!
Learn more about the cookie program for volunteers.
January 22 Initial cookie orders due in e-Budde.
  • Cookie orders due in e-Budde for Service Unit local deliveries in February
  • Ask families to prepare for Cookie Delivery and help you to pick up cookie orders locally at your Service Unit delivery.
  • Summer Camp Materials available!
  • Attend Service Unit Meeting.
Date Event
February 1 Summer Camp Registration opens!
February Cookie Cupboard opens!
February Cookie Booth Site Sales begin!
February 22 World Thinking Day
Attend a local or Council event and give your Girl Scouts their World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides (WAGGGS) pin.
  • Cookie delivery in your Service Units take place the 2nd and 3rd weekend of February. Please check with your Service Unit Cookie Manager for the exact date.
  • Attend Service Unit Meeting.
Date Events
March 12 Happy Birthday, Girl Scouts!
On this day in 1912 the first troop meeting was held.
March Celebrate Girl Scout Week!
Learn more about Girl Scout traditions.
March Cookie Program ends
  • Host a Girl Scout Birthday party for your Troop!
  • April is Volunteer Appreciation Month. Show appreciation to some Troop Support Volunteers that helped you this season and nominate them for recognition.
Date Event
April 1 Spring Renewal begins
Watch for special promotions to renew yourself and your troop for the next Girl Scout year!
April 22 Girl Scout Leaders Day
Thank you for being a leader! 
April Adult Recognition and Annual Meeting event
Join us to celebrate the work of volunteers from across our council!
April Volunteer Appreciation Month
  • April is Volunteer Recognition Month!
Date Event
May 1 Troop Renewal begins
  • Host an end of the year celebration.
  • Check out our program website for ideas on family or Troop fun!
  • Required: Complete your Annual Financial Report, due June 15, 2020.
June, July, August
Date Event
June 15 Required: Annual Financial Report due
  • Consider attending an in-person training for volunteers during the summer or fall
  • Review virtual trianing opportunities in our Learning Portal. If your girls are bridging to a new Girl Scout level, it is required that you take the next Girl Scout Leader level training.
  • Send your parents a check-in letter, phone call, or email.Host a Summer Outing with your Troop, have a BBQ or park play date with families and Girls.
  • Verify which girls are returning to your troop for a new season (and make sure they've renewed their membership)
  • Have a pre-season Girl Scout Troop meeting to ask your Girl Scouts to help choose badges, petals, Journeys, or activities they would like to learn about.
  • Meet with your co/assistant Leader to plan out your year.
  • Prepare your year plan in the VTK (Volunteer Tool Kit)
  • Consider attending an in-person training for volunteers during the summer or fall
  • Review virtual trianing opportunities in our Learning Portal. If your girls are bridging to a new Girl Scout level, it is required that you take the next Girl Scout Leader level training.
  • Attend your Service Unit Leaders meeting to obtain new season information.
    Planning to sell Fall Product? You should definitely plan to attend!
  • Host a Parent Meeting.
    Provide meeting, field trips, and event dates, and ask parents to sign their and their daughter's health history forms and permission slips. View all forms and documents.
  • Confirm your troop support volunteers for the season by asking for their help in person.
    All volunteers should have a volunteer position and complete a background check.
  • Prepare for Fall Product sales.
    Your Troop can earn 15% of the sales proceeds to begin your season!
  • Host your first Girl Scout meeting of the season!
    Have an Investiture Ceremony to welcome new Girl Scouts, or a Re-Dedication Ceremony to welcome the girls back.


  • Required: Make sure you are meeting the Girl to Adult Ratio
  • Required: Confirm that your bank account Volunteers/Treasurer/signors are still registered and background checked.
  • Required: Ensure all girls in your Troop are registered for the new season. New Membership year begins October 1, 2020.
  • Required:  Submit your ACH online banking information for the season.