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Volunteer Resources

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Thank you for saying yes to becoming a Girl Scout Volunteer. The resources on this page will come in handy during your first Girl Scout year and beyond.

Title Description
Leader's Guide to Success Your go-to resource as a new volunteer that gives an overview of Girl Scouting, our council, and getting started as a new volunteer.
Starting Your Troop Bank Account When opening a Girl Scout Bank Account, the financial institution may require specific documents. Please contact the bank prior to your visit to ensure you have the required documents.
gsLearn Training is required for Girl Scout volunteers based on your role. New troop leaders must complete the Leader Basics learning path and your Grade Level learning path. This series must be completed within 30 days of beginning the leader role.
Safety Activity Checkpoints Safety requirements and preparation for Girl Scout activities.
Volunteer Essentials An essential resource that is the operational how-to guide for Girl Scout volunteers.
Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) The Volunteer Toolkit is a digital resource that supports troop leaders and co-leaders, making the process of running a troop easier and more efficient.
Girl Scout Promise & Law Poster Help your Girl Scouts recite the Promise & Law with this helpful printable.
GSUSA Tips for Troop Leaders Make this your best troop year ever and learn from our volunteer experts. Volunteers across the country share real-world advice across a variety of topics.
Troop Detail Survey Keep your troop information up to date by letting us know when and where your Girl Scout troop is meeting.
Recruitment Resources Whether you are looking for additional volunteers to help your troop or inviting new girls to join the fun, we have several resources to help you along the way. 
Alums and Supporters Join the Girl Scout Network
Parents Raising Awesome Girls: Help for Parents and Caregivers
Troop Leaders Raising Awesome Girls: Tips for Troop Leaders
Campfire Chats Campfire Chats bring together powerful Girl Scout alums and supporters at the top of their fields to educate and inspire people who are striving for a better world. These virtual events showcase a wide variety of topics, from cooking to financial literacy and career advice.

Volunteer Essentials

Volunteer Essentials is a resource for our adult volunteers - think of this as your GCNWI Girl Scouts encyclopedia! These webpages offer you a wealth of information about:

  • Girl Scouts as a movement and a tradition
  • Volunteer skills and competencies
  • Our Program offerings
  • Keeping girls safe
  • Taking trips and hosting events
  • Managing troop finances
  • And so much more!

Check out Volunteer Essentials » 

Blue Book of Basic Documents