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Democratic Process

“The ultimate responsibility for the Girl Scout Movement rests with its members. We govern by an efficient and effective democratic process that demonstrates our leadership in a fast-changing world."
 -Preamble to the Constitution of Girl Scouts of the United States of America

GSGCNWI Council Delegates are an important part of our council's Democratic Process as defined in our council bylaws. GSGCNWI Voting Members are made up of our Board of Directors, District Delegates, and National Delegates. Council Delegates serve as the primary communication link between our council’s members, communities, and Board of Directors.


Council Delegate Testimony

Everything in life needs to move forward, looking for ways to improve upon whatever we currently have. This is also true in Girl Scouts. Juliette and those early volunteers created the framework for our movement, but we must continually examine what we are doing and try to make it better.
-Karen, Volunteer and National Delegate

The democratic process is important because it gives people a voice in decisions which impact them. It allows everyone involved to begin to see the world from someone else’s shoes. Being a National Delegate has made me realize just how great an impact one voice can have.
-Kate, Ambassador and National Delegate

I love being a girl delegate for my district! It is amazing to be able to make a difference in the Girl Scout Program and have more perspective on how Girl Scouting runs from working in the Delegate position. Being a girl delegate has helped me to find my voice and be able to speak out for what I believe in.
-Julia, Ambassador and District Delegate

I decided to be a District Delegate to be more connected to Girl Scouts and the Girl Scout community. It is also important to me to have my ideas and voice heard and being a District Delegate is a great way to do that. I would tell another person considering this role to go for it, and to not be afraid to speak up with your ideas!
-Emily, Senior and District Delegate

Delegates together approve the Board of Directors who in turn select our CEO, who in turn, hires the staff.  (And our current CEO is awesome!)  The Board is all volunteer, as we are, but they have not all had experience at the troop level or service unit level.  Our guidance, our input assists the Board members in the major decisions they must make.  We have a voice. 
-Carol, Volunteer and District Delegate

It is important the Leaders and girls have a voice in decisions that are made in their name.
-Christine, Volunteer and District Delegate

It may seem simple on the surface, but it is of the utmost importance to the girls’ futures.
-Sandy, Volunteer and District Delegate

District Delegates

District Delegates serve as voting members of GSGCNWI and participate locally in our council’s Democratic Process. District Delegates serve as a link between District Members and the Board of Directors. They gather opinions on governance matters, elect our Board of Directors and National Delegates, and approve changes to our council Bylaws.

How to become a District Delegate

Each Service Unit is entitled to select from among its members two Delegates, including one Adult Member and Girl Scout (14 years of age or older), whenever possible.

In addition, each District may select no more than ten Delegates-at-large. District Chairs are responsible for selecting Delegates-at-large.

District Delegates must be registered members with GSGCNWI at the time of selection and throughout the 2-year term of service.

Delegate Position Description [PDF]

Interested in being a District Delegate?

  • Connect with your Service Unit and share your interest. They may have a Delegate position to fill.
  • Unsure of your Service Unit or not involved in a Service Unit? Reach out to the Democratic Process Task Group for assistance and to be connected to your District Chair.

FAQ - District Delegates [PDF]

Questions can be directed to

National Delegates

National Delegates represent GSGCNWI as voting members at the National Council Session. They gather input, debate and vote on proposals that impact the future of the Girl Scout Movement, including changes to the Blue Book of Basic Documents. National Delegates also elect the National Board of Director and the Board Development Committee.

National Delegates are also voting members of GSGCNWI and participate locally in our council’s Democratic Process. National Delegates serve as a link between our members and the Board of Directors. They gather opinions on governance matters, elect our Board of Directors and approve changes to our council Bylaws.

Apply to be a National Delegate

Applications are closed for the next class of National Delegates who will serve from April 2022-April 2025 and attend the National Council Session in 2023.

National Delegate selection for the National Council Session in 2026 will start in Fall of 2024. Please check back here for more information.

Questions about National Delegates? Please email

Current National Delegates

National Delegates

Class of 2022-2025

Alexandria Seay
Beverly Macrito
Denise M Urban
Julie Pope-Stewart
Karen M Schillings
Katharine Morley
Leah Breimon
Lindsay Hayden
Madalyn Cook

Madeline Jania
Marty Devereux-Poch
McKenzie Young
Melissa Young-Bridgeforth
Michelle Ptack
Nancy Wright
Noreen Merchant
Pamela Flowers
Tresa Radermacher

Alternate Delegates

Class of 2022-2025

Annabel Helmer-Lynn
Caroline Kansa
Christine Graves
Davia Wilkerson
Emily Churchouse
Emma Engler
Hazel G.N. Harkin

Jennifer Goldfarb
Katie McCoy
Lisa Funke
Naiya J Stewart-Baskin
Rebecca Resman
Sofi Rodriguez
Tina M Melendez

National Council Session

What is the National Council Session?
The National Council Session happens every three years and it brings together Girl Scouts from around the world. Not only do National Delegates attend, but so do other members of our movement, including Troops, Juliettes, Volunteers, Girl Scout families and supporters.

55th National Council Session – 2020

From October 23- 25, 2020, Girl Scouts from across the United States and around the world gathered virtually for the 55th National Council Session.

GSGCNWI National Proposals
GSGCNWI developed two National Proposals that were voted on at the 2020 National Council Session.
Click here to view the Gold Award Scholarship Feasibility Task Force Proposal.
Click here to view the Membership Dues Restriction Proposal.
Both of these proposals passed.

Learn more about the work of our GSGCNWI National Delegates on our blog here and here.

Visit GSUSA National Council Session to learn more about the 55th NCS.

56th National Council Session – 2023

Registration is Now Open for the 2023 Girl Scout Convention at Disney World!

The 56th National Council Session will take place July 18-20, 2023, followed immediately by Phenom by Girl Scouts from July 20-22, 2023.

Planning to attend the 2023 Convention? There may be opportunities for a GCNWI Meetup at Convention, so let us know by emailing

Questions relating to our National Delegates and the National Council Session can be directed to

Questions relating to our Democratic Process and District Delegates can be directed to