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Girl Scouts From Home

You can be a Girl Scout from anywhere, even when circumstances keep you at home. Use these resources to stay connected to Girl Scouts wherever you are!

Additional resources are added frequently, so check back!

Badge How-To Guides

We’re excited to debut our first-ever how-to guides for earning badges from home! Download these PDFs that will guide any adult—not just troop leaders—in helping a girl earn a badge.

Money Counts, Making Choices (Daisies, Grades K-1)

By earning the Daisy Money Counts leaf, girls will not only learn about money but also its value! Daisies will first dive into the different types of currency they'll encounter, from coins to paper money to credit cards.

The Making Choices Daisy Leaf allows girls to explore the difference between wants and needs and understand purchases of each. Girls will have some understanding of money but will learn how to make choices about money with these activities.


Purchase the Money Counts leaf »

Purchase the Making Choices leaf »

Designing Robots (Daisies and Brownies, Grades K-3)

Time to pull out your engineering hats! You have been tasked with building a robot that will help animals or other people, (think: An elderly person who needs help getting the newspaper because they have trouble walking, or a dog might need to be fed, etc.) In this activity, learn how to build 3-D robots from design to finish, just like a real life Engineer!


Purchase the Daisy Desiging Robots Badge »

Purchase the Brownie Desiging Robots Badge »

Computer Expert (Brownies, Grades 2-3)

The internet holds a wealth of information and is a great resource for you! However, it is It is important to be safe and smart online. Learn a wealth of valuable information about the internet and how it works in this awesome badge program! Take our pledge to be internet safe and work through cool programs that introduce Artificial Intelligent (AI) and more!


Purchase the Brownie Computer Expert Badge »

Staying Fit Badge (Juniors, Grades 4-5)

Staying fit means more than just exercising. Eating clean, keeping your stress levels low, and setting aside time for rest can provide healthy benefits to not only yourself, but others in your family as well. In this badge, learn heart pumping moves to test your heart rate, the best (and the worst) food to fuel energy, and de-stressing techniques to heal the mind, body and soul!


Purchase the Junior Staying Fit Badge »

Outdoor Art Badges (Daisies-Juniors, Grades K-5)
Dinner Party Badge (Ambassadors, Grades 11-12)

Guess who’s coming to dinner tonight? Girl Scouts, and you are the (virtual) host! In this activity, you will create the ultimate dining experience for your friends and family by creating a 3 course meal using the recipes of your choice. Learn how to create the perfect ambiance and take your meal to the next level with plating and garnishing techniques, then, head over to Zoom to share recipes and make your dinner party virtual!


Purchase the Ambassador Dinner Party Badge »

Simple Meals Badge (Juniors, Grades 4-5)

You are a chef in the making! Part of being a good chef is being able to experiment with different types of foods and ingredients to create a delicious meal. Learn how to make simple, yet balanced, meals for breakfast, lunch and snack time using the recipes highlighted in this badge how-to guide. At the end, you will use what you learned about various cooking methods and how certain ingredients work together to create your own tasty meal for friends and family!


Purchase the Junior Simple Meals Badge »

New Cuisine Badge (Cadettes, Grades 6-8)

To earn this badge, you’re going to explore and create cuisines from around the world and throughout history!


Purchase the Cadette New Cuisine Badge »

Babysitter Badge (Cadettes, Grades 6-8)

It’s time to get your babysitting business up and running! Using the Red Cross handbook as a guide, create your own babysitting service-learning everything from understanding how kids develop, to creating fun, interactive games suitable for all ages, all the way to marketing and networking the services you provide, in this badge how-to!


Purchase the Cadette Babysitter Badge »

Public Speaker Badge (Cadettes, Grades 6-8)

Work on your stage presence and develop your onstage skills with the Cadette Public Speaker badge

  1. Get a feel for performing solo 
  2. Focus on body language 
  3. Find your voice 
  4. Choose or create a piece to perform 
  5. Get onstage!

When you've earned this badge, you'll have found your inner performer and be unafraid to speak up.


Purchase the Cadette Public Speaker Badge »

Scribe Badge (Juniors, Grades 4-5)

Explore what you can do with words and find out how you can encourage, entertain, and excite people with your writing when you earn the Junior Scribe badge!

  1. Start with a poem 
  2. Create a short story
  3. Use words to share who you are
  4. Write an article
  5. Tell the world what you think 

When you've earned this badge, you'll know how to write different kinds of stories—both true tales and ideas from your imagination.


Purchase the Junior Scribe Badge »

College Knowledge Badge (Ambassadors, Grades 11-12)

Work through these activities to assist you in earning your College Knowledge badge! Join us on May 1 for an interactive webinar to work through a few activities with other Girl Scouts. Once you complete all these steps, you’ll have earned your College Knowledge badge!



Purchase the Ambassador College Knowledge Badge »

Inside Government Badge (Juniors, Grades 4-5)

In this activity, you’ll help your Girl Scout set up some laws for their own faux country.

  1. First, take her through some laws that she may recognize from the United States.
  2. Develop her own set of laws for her faux country. Have her write a minimum of 10 laws.
  3. Once the girl has written at least 10 laws, have her write them on the paper or poster board.


Local Government Worksheet [PDF]

Three Branches fo Government Worksheet [PDF]

Purchase the Juniors Inside Government Badge »

Science of Style Badge (Seniors, Grades 9-10)

Learn the science behind makeup, perfume, fashion fabrics and skin products with this badge how-to! In this activity, you will be able to test skin and beauty products, gain fashion expert knowledge of fabrics and accessories, and formulate your own style, all while earning the Science of Style badge!


Science of Style Badge [DOWNLOAD PDF]

Purchase the Senior Science of Style Badge »

Home Scientist at Home (Brownies, Grades 2-3)

Learn how different ingredients and materials work together to create chemical reactions. In this activity, you will play a fun game to learn about static electricity, blow up a balloon using household products, and use science to understand density. Then, use everything you’ve learned to make your own homemade ice cream at the end! Complete all of the steps in this activity and earn your Scientist at Home badge!


Purchase the Brownie Home Scientist at Home Badge »

Comic Artist Badge (Cadettes, Grades 6-8)

Earn the Cadette Comic Artist Badge and learn all about the world of comic art and story-telling! You'll choose a story to tell and use it to create your own comic with special pictures and dialogue. 




Purchase the Cadette Comic Artist Badge »

Girl Scouts GCNWI Virtual Event Calendar

Council Patch Programs

Check out  these patch programs exclusive to Girl Scouts GCNWI! Many of these can be done from home including the Barilla Girl Scout Food Camp, Girl Security, Global Action Award, and MORE! All patches can be purchased on  our shop website  and mailed directly to you—and  get free shipping with no minimum through May 1!


Resources from GSUSA

In collaboration with Girl Scout councils from across the US, Girl Scouts of the USA has compiled activities, badges, and videos to do while you're at home! Visit Girl Scouts at Home!

Share Your Story - header

Tell Us How You're Girl Scouting from Home!

Whether you’re writing thank-you letters to your local hospital staff and doctors, learning all about different plant species around the world, completing a patch program, or spending time with loved ones, we want to know what you’re up to! Share your story with us here.

More Ideas

Backyard Fun Challenge

Explore the Outdoors in Your Own Backyard

Cross off 15 outdoorsy tasks from this list—like fort building, learning about springtime flowers, playing with a pet outside, and so much more—to earn the BackyardFunChallenge! Make sure to always follow the Safety Activity Checkpoints when doing the challenges, and remember to wash or sanitize your hands after being outside.

Download the activity checklist! [PDF]

And get the backyard fun patch!

Service Project Ideas
  • As part of our Silver Lining patch program in partnership with BCBSIL, please consider sending letters, cards, emails, or drawings to senior citizens at retirement homes or centers. Although it is not recommended to visit during this time for the safety of the elderly, it would be a nice gesture to reach out and send some cheer their way. 
  • Do you have a neighbor or family member who lives alone? Take some time out of your day to call or video chat with them. You can see if they need anything, but it is also just nice to hear from someone in this time when we are all stuck at home. Human interaction is important! 
  • Check out to see if you could set up or support a food resource for others in need. 
  • Send cards of thanks to healthcare workers.
  • #MaskNOWIllinois
Hosting a Virtual Troop Meeting

Hosting Virtual Girl Scout Troop Meetings

Keep your Girl Scout troop connected through online meetings to keep girls engaged with one another, while keeping safe. Read our Safety Acitvity Checkpoints for Virtual Troop Meetings.

Our blog is full of Virtual Meeting Tips! Read our tips and tricks and about Girl Scouts from around GCNWI who have met virtually.

Have you had a virtual troop meeting? Then you've earned the Virtual Troop Meeting Badge!

Resources from Around the Web
Girl Scout Memory Journal

A fun resource for girls, parents, troops, and leaders, the Girl Scout Memory Book available at the GCNWI shop lists all badges, Journeys, and highest awards currently available in a fun journal! The book also includes space for Girl Scouts of all ages to write or draw about their favorite Girl Scout memories and to set goals for the year.

Assisting Senior Citizens

One of the best things you can do to help during this time to reach out to senior citizens, many of whom have been isolated for a month or more by now. Below are some programs to help you get started!

  • You can "Adopt a Grandparent" and share phone calls and letters with a senior living in isolation.
  • Brookdale Senior Living in Prospect Heights, IL, is asking for help making seniors smile with artwork! Find out more here.
  • Legacy Healthcare is looking for girls who can do any of the following for their residents: send letters to their Letters of Love program, send videos of support, become a virtual pen pal, host a virtual Bingo game, sing-a-long, dance party, exercise class, or story time, or decorate the sidewalks of facilities with messages of support. If anyone is interested, they should contact Katy Shorkey at
  • Other ideas for Girl Scouts to make at home for seniors: homemade masks, baked goods, and Mother's Day Decorations!
SuperHERo Worksheet

This worksheet is best for Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors (grades K-5) and helps you discover the hero inside yourself! Use this worksheet to brainstorm, come up with your own superhero character based on yourself, draw this character (or characters!) and talk about what makes us each a superhero.

Download the Worksheet! [PDF]