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Building My Community

There is a new generation of leaders. A force that takes the lead in inspired ways. A collection of advocates who will build up communities and the world!

These everyday influencers run on principle rather than pride and do good deeds even when no one is watching. These community organizers stand up and speak out for others, taking on jobs large and small that need doing. These go-getters connect, mobilize, and create movements!

They are today's Girl Scouts, and they are unstoppable.

 What is the Building My Community patch program?

To earn this patch you’ll learn all about your local community government and work side by side with locals to complete a service project (or projects)! 

At a Building My Community event, local Girl Scouts come together with civic leaders and organizations to advance the following:

  • An understanding and appreciation of the daily functions and responsibilities of local government;
  • Relationships between citizens and community leaders;
  • Service opportunities with local government agencies and community organizations;
  • Service opportunities for citizens to give back to the community.

From start to finish, you are set up for success!

Step 1: Earn your base patch by attending a community/town hall meeting and introduce yourself and the Girl Scout organization to a member of the council.

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Step 2: Earn the charm patches by connecting with the person/people you met to plan a service project to improve your community! You can earn up to five charms if you complete five service projects from varying categories. 

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Additional Resources for Northwest Indiana Troops

Thanks to a grant from John W. Anderson, Girl Scout troops in Northwest Indiana can apply for funds to assist you in completing take-action projects and earning the Building My Community patch!

Looking for ways to get involved with your community? Check out Girls Give Back