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Meet the Cookies

  • NEW! Adventurefuls®

    An indulgent brownie-inspired cookie with caramel-flavored crème and a hint of sea salt.


  • Thin Mints®

    Vegan! Allergens: Contains WHEAT and SOY Ingredients.

    Thin Mints details

  • Samoas® 

    Allergens: Contains WHEAT, COCONUT, MILK and SOY Ingredients.

    Samoas details

  • Tagalongs® 

    Allergens: Contains PEANUT, WHEAT, SOY and MILK Ingredients.

    Tagalongs details

  • Trefoils® 

    Allergens: Contains WHEAT, MILK and SOY Ingredients.

    Trefoils details

  • Do-si-dos® 

    Allergens: Contains PEANUT, WHEAT, MILK and SOY Ingredients.

    Do-si-dos details

  • Lemon-Ups™ 

    Flavored with natural flavors. Crispy lemon cookies baked with motivational messages.

    Lemon-Ups details


  • Girl Scout S'mores®

    Allergens: Contains WHEAT, SOY and MILK Ingredients.

    Girl Scout S’mores details

  • Toffee-Tastic® 

    Allergens: Contains MILK and SOY Ingredients. 

    Toffee-tastic details