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For Cookie Volunteers

Important Dates

New! March 28: Submit troop/girl final reward orders in eBudde™; last day to opt out of rewards.
New! March 29: ACH adjustment and individual collection (IC) forms due; last day to enter troop cookie transfers
March 29: Loop Site day one. 
New! March 31: ACH Sweep Two (100 percent of remaining balance due)
April 4: Loop Site day two.
April 6: Loop Site day three.
June: Rewards will be dispersed by your service unit cookie manager once they receive them.

Cookie Finance

ACH (Financial Forms)

Finances will be handled through Automated Clearing House (ACH) withdrawals. Troop should make deposits into their troop bank account and the council will withdraw the cookie balance due.


The GCNWI Clover Go option allows troops to accept credit cards at booth sites with no cost to troops. Card payments are processed through the Clover Go app, downloaded to your phone or tablet. Card readers are not required, but you may use a Clover card reader along with the app.

Step 1: Review the Clover Go Training for Troop Administrators

Step 2: Using the same login credentials you use when logging into My Account from the council website, complete the Onboarding Registration

Clover go Setup, FAQs, and Tips for Troops »
Clover App Inventory »


Facts about What We Stand For:
During Girl Scout Cookie season, our most visible time of year, people sometimes perpetuate rumors or false information about what Girl Scouting stands for as an organization in order to secure media coverage of their own platform issues or because they simply do not know the facts.

To ensure our members and their families can confirm that Girl Scouting does NOT have a relationship with Planned Parenthood and does NOT take a position on abortion or birth control, we are providing you with a fact sheet that explains this in writing. We encourage adults who are supporting girls during the cookie program to print out this fact sheet and carry it with them in order to provide accurate, factual information about our position on several divisive social issues.