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You're Invited to Try Girl Scouts for Free! 

You and your girl can experience Girl Scouts and learn more before joining.

While your girl attends a garden or Irish baking party, becomes a girl-detective at a crime solving party, or attends an olympic event with the favorite guy in her life, we’ll get to know each other and share ideas on how Girl Scouts can supercharge your girl’s life. 

Check out all of our upcoming events below! 

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Launch Her Into The World Of Girl Scouts!

Saturday, March 20 | Daisy Launch Event 

Learn how our uniquely designed kindergarten and 1st grade readiness program, known as Daisy Launch, will help to strengthen her social skills, while providing fun and safe activities as she explores the ever-changing world around her. 

This event is for girls who will be in Pre-K, kindergarten or first grade during the Fall 2021 school year. 

Other Fun Virtual Girl Scout Events 

Garden Party
Date Time Grade Register
Friday, March 5  4:00 p.m PK-11 REGISTER
Wednesday, March 10 6:30 p.m. PK-11

Wednesday, March 24 10:00 a.m. PK-11

Tuesday, March 30 10:00 a.m. PK-11

Friday, April 2  2:00 p.m. PK-11

Girl-Detective Crime Solving Party
Date Time Grade  Register 
Tuesday, March 16 4:00 p.m. PK-11 REGISTER
Monday, March 22 6:00 p.m. PK-11 REGISTER
Irish Baking Party
Date Time  Grade Register
Saturday, March 13 11:00 a.m. PK-11 REGISTER
Friday, March 26 4:00 p.m. PK-11 REGISTER
Me and My Guy Olympics
Date Time Grade Register
Thursday, March 4 6:30 p.m. PK-11 REGISTER 
Sunday, March 7 3:00 p.m. PK-11 REGISTER 
Friday, March 12 4:00 p.m. PK-11 REGISTER 
Friday, March 19 4:00 p.m. PK-11 REGISTER 
Sunday, March 21 3:00 p.m. PK-11 REGISTER 
Thursday, March 25 6:00 p.m. PK-11 REGISTER 
Friday, April 1 6:00 p.m. PK-11 REGISTER 
Puppets and Pajama Party
Date Time Grade Register 
Wednesday, March 3 6:00 p.m PK-3 REGISTER 
Tuesday, March 9  6:30 p.m. PK-3 REGISTER
Thursday, March 11 6:00 p.m. PK-3 REGISTER
Thursday, March 18 6:00 p.m. PK-3 REGISTER
Tuesday, March 23 1:00 p.m. PK-3 REGISTER
Wednesday, March 31 1:00 p.m. PK-3 REGISTER
Helado Social Para Girl Scouts (En Español)


Other Events for Schools and Communities
 School or Community Date and Time  Event  Grade  Register

Coming Soon!