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Racism and Hate have No Place Here

Girl Scouts and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access

For more than 110 years Girl Scouts has stood for making the world a better place, and pledged to “help people at all times.” Those words carry great weight and responsibility and inspire us with strength as we denounce institutional racism, violence, injustice, and inequity.

Read our CEO's statement on Antiracism HERE
Read our GSUSA National President's open letter HERE
Sign Girl Scouts Stands Against Racism Pledge HERE

No girl, or any young person, should grow up in a world defined by racial inequities and trauma. No person of color should fear for their lives because of the color of their skin.

We know that words alone cannot take away the pain of institutional racism felt by generations of person of color families who have navigated a world informed by white privilege. Words cannot erase society’s collective failure to truly value every human being.

These are our promises to you.

  • We know we do not have all the answers, but we pledge our commitment to navigating this path with you as an ally and advocate for the person of color members of our community. 
  • We will listen, learn, and leverage our resources to be antiracist
  • We will inspire our girls to help make our world a better place as a more equitable, just world. 
  • We will not just talk, but we will take action.

Ways to Learn

The following resources serve as a starting point for conversation and education.

Girl Scouts Resources
Social Media

Do you have any resources that you would like to share with us? Tell us here!

Resources for Troop Leaders and Volunteers

Whether you're a parent/caregiver or Girl Scout troop leader, offering a safe space for your girl to talk about important issues is vital. Review these resources as you navigate discussions.

Our Partner: Center for Childhood Resilience

Volunteer Essentials: Engaging Girls & Families

  • Creating a Safe Place for Girls
  • Communicating Effectively with Girls of Any Age
  • When Sensitive Topics Come Up
  • Volunteer Policies and Procedures (includes non-discrimination policy, whistleblower procedures, and more)

Access the Safety Activity Checkpoints »
Access the Safety Activity Checkpoints for Virtual Meeting »
Access the Safety in Girls Scouting course in gsLearn »

  • Pages 13-14 cover emotional safety and mental health.

Girl Scouting is a partnership between girls, volunteers and families. To be responsive to girls’ needs and interests in challenging times where personal values and experiences may be part of a "safe space" conversation, we request that troop leaders seek permission from families first.

Permission to Participate in a Sensitive Issues Discussion [PDF]

Ways to Take Action

As a girl-led organization we support our Girl Scouts' passion and desire to make a difference within their own communities. See below a living lists of resources for Girl Scout advocates.

Girl Scouts' Highest Awards

Bronze. Silver. Gold. These represent the highest honors a Girl Scout can earn. All three awards give girls the chance to do big things while supporting an issue they care about. Highest Award Girl Scouts are impacting the worlds of STEM, education, agriculture, medicine, and culture. 

Learn how to earn Highest Awards.

Printable Resources

Download printable versions of the "Racism and hate have no place here" image.