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2014 adult recognition event

On Sunday, April 27, 2014, we celebrated all the wonders of our Girl Scout volunteers! View our keepsake booklet with all the names of those we honored from this year's ceremony, as well as our volunteers honored for five to 20 years of service. Know someone who should be recognized next year? Read below to find out how to nominate that person for an award that appropriately recognizes her/his contributions to Girl Scouting!


Volunteers work throughout the year and recognition of their accomplishments should also be given throughout the year.  Formal presentation of Girl Scouts of the USA Board Approved recognitions and Years of Service Awards, are presented each spring at the council Adult Recognition Events. Service units, yearly, will recognize volunteers in three (3) categories, Volunteer of Excellence, Hidden Heroine, New Found Treasure at local events. 

2.  Is there a prerequisite for the awards or an order in which awards must be received? 
Most awards are not given in any predetermined order. Awards are often based on the group receiving the service. An award for service to the council may be given, if the criteria is met, even when the individual has never been a leader or in a service unit.  There are two exceptions. The Thanks Badge II has a prerequisite of the Thanks Badge. The Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana New Found Treasure Award is presented to a volunteer who is in their second year of adult membership.

Nominations for awards can be made by any person who has knowledge of the performed service. This includes parents, community members, volunteers and staff.  In the same way, anyone who has knowledge of the service can submit a letter of endorsement.

4.   Can staff be nominated for awards?
Yes. These awards are for all adult members of GSUSA.

5.   How do I know what my nominee has received in the past? 
Records are kept by Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana of awards volunteers have received. This information can be supplied by contacting
Years of Service pins recognize the number of years that an adult has been an adult Girl Scout member.  They are given in five (5) year “anniversary” years, beginning with five (5) years of service.

No.  Years of Service pins only include adult member years. However, there is a pin that recognizes the combination of girl and adult years, called the Numeral Guard pins. The numeral guards worn with a Girl Scout membership pin recognize the total years of membership, girl and/or adult.   Numeral guard pins are available in the council shop, in five year increments.

The number of adult years is one of the fields from the adult registration form.  Each year during the registration process, adult members fill out the registration form (or Lifetime Member update), and indicate how many years they have been registered as adult Girl Scout members. The information for the years of service list comes directly from the information on the registration form.