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We were pleased to honor five outstanding women who are Go-Getters, Innovators, Risk-Takers and Leaders, at our Sept. 14 Smart Cookies Awards Breakfast.

Honoree Bites of Wisdom

Shradha Agarwal
Co-Founder and President, ContextMedia

"Create opportunities where you may not be alone in thinking, but are able to bring people together for a shared purpose or shared passion."


Bridget Gainer
Cook County Commissioner and Vice President of Global Affairs, Aon

"I was trained to be independent and smart and fierce in fighting for others, and a group of incredibly independent nuns were the ones who taught me how to be all of these things with humility and grace."


Amanda Lannert
CEO, Jellyvision Lab, Inc.

"In order to unleash the potential in others, I explain what's important and then get out of their way."


Jodi Bondi Norgaard
Founder and CEO, Dream Big Toy Company

"Girls are smart, strong and adventurous, and it is important for her to know what her mind and body can do versus what her body looks like."


Angelique Power
President, The Field Foundation of Illinois

"We carry two companions inside of us. One of them is doubt, and the other is belief. I think that Girl Scouts ensures belief is in girls' DNA at a very formative time in their life, in which doubt can sometimes be louder."