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Cookie Resources

Having a fun and successful Girl Scout Cookie season is a wonderful opportunity for girls to learn exciting new skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. With the proper preparation and planning, the 2014 cookie season will be your most successful one yet.  

For Service Unit and Troop Cookie Managers

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Gift of Caring

Facts about What We Stand For:

During Girl Scout Cookie season, our most visible time of year, people sometimes perpetuate rumors or false information about what Girl Scouting stands for as an organization in order to secure media coverage of their own platform issues or because they simply do not know the facts.

To ensure our members and their families can confirm that Girl Scouting does NOT have a relationship with Planned Parenthood and does NOT take a position on abortion or birth control, we are providing you with a fact sheet that explains this in writing. We encourage adults who are supporting girls during the cookie program to print out this fact sheet and carry it with them in order to provide accurate, factual information about our position on several divisive social issues.