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Journey World


Journey World is a one-of-a-kind immersive program. In this girl-run city, participants take on a new role: mayor, local radio DJ, bank president or head chef. They start a business with friends, create a product or service, manage a budget and sell products to others.

In the Journey World Challenge, girls start a new city in the midst of an epic story, like a zombie apocalypse or a new space station colony Register here>>

In the Journey World Workshop, girls take an in-depth look into the business of Journey World to learn special skills, like DJ sound mixing for the radio at the Media Center, or chef skills at the Snack Shop. Register here>>

It all comes together in the Journey World Jamboree, a 24-hour event exclusively for older girls to flex all they've learned and compete in mega challenges. Apply here>>

View a full list of Journey World program options and check out the full calendar of upcoming experiences!

Custom programs are available for Workshops (minimum 10) and Challenges (minimum 15). Schedule a custom program for your troop or group!

Did you know? Journey World is a traveling experience! Check out the list of upcoming locations for 2018!

  • January 3 - March 21, Vernon Hills Gathering Place
  • March 21 - July 11, Greene Wood Gathering Place
  • July 11 - October 3, Friendship Center
  • October 3 - January 23, Joliet Gathering Place

...not just for Girl Scouts!

The Journey World Challenge is also available for school field trips, youth group events, corporate team-building events, and adults who just want to have fun! Contact us for more information.


Are snacks provided at programs?

Near the end of the Journey World Challenge, the Snack Shop sells food the girls made. No nuts are used in these snacks, however if you have other allergies we suggest bringing a snack to eat on break.

Do adults need to stay at the program? Can they stay?

Adults are always welcome to stay at Journey World programs. We also love a few extra hands to help out in the businesses, so please let us know in advance if you're interested in participating.

What is the difference between the various Journey World Challenges?

In each Challenge, girls will build a city from scratch and take on the task of solving an epic problem. Each Challenge has a unique storyline and problem that may arise throughout the program, so every experience is totally new!

Why are some programs listed for different ages? Why is there such a large age range for some programs?

All of our programs are appropriate for the ages listed. Girls can choose to work with their peers or can benefit from collaboration with participants of other ages.

Further questions?

Feel free to contact us at or 312-912-6315.