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We have the tools you need to make this the best Fall Product Program ever! Be sure to check back often as information is updated.

Key Program Dates

October 1: Fall Product Program Begins

  • Girl Scouts can begin collecting nut/candy orders from family and friends using their order cards.
  • Girl Scouts send emails for online ordering via the M2 online system.

Parents must have completed the online parent permission form prior to participation in the program. Parents can register their daughter online (starting Oct. 1).

October 19*: Fall Product Program Ends

Families can enter their Girl Scout’s in-person order into the M2 system through October 19.

October 20-21: Troops to verify all orders

Troops can enter in-person orders if the parent or guardian has not entered the order into the M2 system.

October 22: Service Unit Fall Product Managers to verify all orders

Reach out to troops who may not have an order placed.

October 30: TROOP ACH Sweep - 100% of the amount due to council

Note: Troops with an unpaid balance will be sent to collections on December 18, 2020

Week of November 5-8: Fall Product Delivery

Troop leaders can pick up the troop’s fall product delivery from the Service Unit. The troop leader will then schedule the parent to pick up their Girl Scout’s nut/candy items from a designated location.

December 2020:

Girl Rewards are distributed directly to the Service Unit Fall Product Managers for distribution to troops. Personalized patches are mailed directly to the girl. Troop leaders will schedule a time to pick up the Girl Scouts rewards from a designated location.

Service Unit Fall Product Manager Resources

Service Unit Fall Product Manager Training: [Online]

Service Unit Fall Product Manager Guide [PDF]
Service Unit Fall Product Manager Traning [PDF]
Statement of Responsibility and Agreement for Service Unit Product (Fall/Cookie) Managers [LINK]
Delivery Station Request Form: Service Unit Fall Product Managers must have this complete by Sep. 30.
Picking Ticket: B&W | Color

Troop Fall Product Manager Resources

Troop Fall Product Manager Training: [link]

Troop Fall Product Manager Guide [PDF]
Troop Product Manager Responsibility Form [PDF] | [Web]
Training Webinar Recording and Power Point Slides COMING SOON
Girl Permission and Responsibility Form [PDF]
Family Newsletter [PDF]

Quick Tip Videos


Because banks change, bank account holders change and bank account numbers change, each troop must submit an Authorized Clearing House (ACH Form) each year.  Submitting this form in a timely matter ensures that the council can collect the troops’ product balance when due.

ACH Online Form
Individual Collection (IC) Form
Return Check Reimbursement Form
ACH Adjustment Form

Clover Resources
Product Delivery & Pickup

Service Unit Delivery Station Form

The Service Unit Fall Product Manager must complete this form by September 30. Delays in submission result in delays in finalizing the council’s delivery schedule.

Service Unit Delivery Station Form

Picking Ticket

Use this form when sorting the troop order and preparing for the troop pick up.

Black and White | Color

Program Materials

Girl/Family Resources

Girl Permission Form [PDF]

Family Newsletter [PDF]

Customer Service Business Card [CARD] | [SHEET]

Sloth Coloring Page [PDF]

Goal Chart [PDF]

Fall Product Activity Guide [PDF]