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2018 Girl Scout Cookie Rally


When Girl Scouts get together, awesome things happen.

The 2018 Girl Scout Cookie Rally on Jan. 6 at Allstate Arena was a huge success! Thanks to all of our wonderful Girl Scout families and friends, we officially broke a world record and earned a new title...

We hold the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the most cookies dunked in milk at one time!

Congratulations and our sincerest thanks to our Girl Scouts and their families, many incredible volunteers, and all of our Cookie Rally partners for getting us 3,236 official dunks—the most dunks to date in the whole world. What cookies did we use for this history-making moment? Girl Scout Cookies, of course! 

Girls do extraordinary things in Girl Scouts, thanks to the experiences and adventures that are powered by the Girl Scout Cookie Program. The Cookie Rally was our Altogether Awesome way to kick off the 2018 Girl Scout Cookie Program and celebrate that every girl's voice matters. 

Want to know what it felt like for one of our Gold Award Girl Scouts and top-selling Cookie CEOs to be part of such and awesome event?
>> Read Mairead’s Cookie Rally Story!

Let's rock this cookie season!

Good luck to every one of our Girl Scout entrepreneurs who sells Girl Scout Cookies to power her experiences, learn new skills and build her confidence. It’s going to be AWESOME cookie season. Are you ready?


Cookie Rally Photo Gallery

Thank you to our Cookie Rally sponsors: