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Meet the GCNWI Outdoor Program Team!

Hannah “Nacho” Bovard; 815-651-2704

Outdoor Program Specialist and Butternut Springs Assistant Camp Director

Hannah “Nacho” Bovard has been involved in Girl Scouting for 18 years with an emphasis on camping for 14 of those years. Her camp name is Nacho, chosen as her Program Aide camp name in 7th grade, because she loves nachos.

Her favorite part of camping is being able to learn new things all the time whether it is about nature, a new art project, or different ways to teach outdoor skills. She loves singing camp songs and her top three favorites are the Three Bears Rap, Harmony, and Auntie Monica.

The life skills that Nacho has gained from camp are perseverance, trust, time management, and teamwork. To Nacho, camping means that she can be herself without judgement and create lasting bonds with her peers.

·Hannah’s favorite camp spot:

“My favorite camp spot is the Circle of Trees."

Margaret “Strike” Gawlik; ; 224-207-9207

Outdoor Program Coordinator and Juniper Knoll Camp Director

Margaret “Strike” Gawlik is a lifelong Girl Scout and camper. This is Margaret’s sixth year working on the Outdoor Program team and tenth summer working at Juniper Knoll. Margaret loves teaching girls new outdoor skills and seeing them grow. She believes camp is a unique and exciting place where girls can have life-changing experiences as they explore nature, test their creativity, develop lifelong leadership skills, and create lasting friendships.

·Margaret’s favorite camp spot:

“My favorite spot at Juniper Knoll is the lake!”

Kara “Caribou” Kastenholz ; 630-544-5915

Day Camp Manager

Kara “Caribou” Kastenholz has been a Girl Scout for the past 21 years and this is her fifth year working on the Outdoor Program team. She has loved camping for as long as she can remember and cherishes all the friends she has found at camp. Her favorite things to do at camp are walk through the woods, sing around the campfire, and gaze up at the stars. She is excited to see campers enjoying the outdoors and always loves hearing about their adventures.

Kara’s favorite camp song:

“My current favorite camp song is Moon on the Meadow.”

Sam “Freddie” Lucheck ; 815-651-2716

Sr. Outdoor Program and Property Manager of Butternut Springs, Resident Camp Manager and Butternut Springs Camp Director

Sam “Freddie” Lucheck started her love of camping in elementary school between family outings and Girl Scout camp. This is Sam’s eight year working with the Outdoor Program team and her fifth year directing at Camp Butternut Springs. Sam has a bachelor’s degree in outdoor education and enjoys sharing her knowledge of backcountry camping skills and adventure activities with campers and staff of all ages. She is excited to see campers out at camp this summer enjoying the Albert C. Hanna High Adventure Course.”

Sam’s favorite camp activity:

“If I had to pick just one, canoeing is at the top!”

Kary “Kanga” Roorda

Palos Camp Director

Kary “Kanga” Roorda has been an eighth-grade science teacher for 14 years and a camp director for 10 years. As a camper herself at both Girl Scout and church camp, camp has always been somewhere that Kary can be herself and have fun. She enjoys coming back every summer to provide great experiences to campers and staff alike. With a master’s degree in science education, Kary loves bringing her science background to camp wherever she can, whether it is taking the campers on a hike or exploding Diet Coke and Mentos.

·Kary’s favorite camp song:

“Hermy the Worm has always been my favorite song.”  

Lauren “Sprout” Somogyi ; 630-544-5927

Outdoor Program Coordinator and Greene Wood Camp Director

Lauren “Sprout” Somogyi has been in Girl Scouts for 22 years and is a lifetime member. This is Lauren’s fifth year working with the Outdoor Program team and her second year directing at Camp Greene Wood. Lauren’s love for the outdoors began at a young age and summer camp helped her learn valuable skills such as teamwork, perseverance, and

independence. She enjoys sharing her love for the environment with others and hopes to provide positive and fun experiences for girls to develop their own connection and appreciation to the natural world.

Lauren’s favorite camp activity:

“Hiking in any natural area!”


Katie “Katmandu” Young ; 815-651-2712

Director of Outdoor Program

Katie “Katmandu” Young (you can call her “Kat” for short) has been a Girl Scout since she was a 6-year old Daisy, and was camping even before that! She loves camp because it is a place where people can be the best versions of themselves, try new things, and make lasting connections with other people—and she wants everyone to have a change to try it!

Katie’s favorite camp activity:

“Hiking up hills and mountains!”