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Here we have tips and tricks to help you through the registration process for new members.

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If your family has never registered for Girl Scouts, follow these steps:

  1. From our homepage, select JOIN for girl and family member registration.
    1. Family members who wish to volunteer with a troop may start their registration by selecting VOLUNTEER.
  2. Complete all fields in the form and select CONTINUE.
    1. The email address you provide will become your username.
  3. Go to the TROOP tab and choose the NEXT YEAR for renewal
    1. If you have more than one troop, your troops will be listed in the drop-down menu
  4. Select your RENEWAL CHOICE* for each troop member
    • *YOUR SELECTION MATTERS: Parents and/or guardians of girls in your troop will receive confirmation emails based on your choices!
    • RENEW: Select for all girls who will return to your troop next year through payment in this transaction.
    • DON'T RENEW: Select only for girls who will NOT be joining your troop again next year. If this option is selected in error the Registration Help Desk must be contacted to correct it before the girl can be renewed.
    • I'LL DECIDE LATER: Select for girls who might return next year but are not paying at this time. You can return to renew them any time!
  5. On the payment screen you can choose to upgrade any adults to lifetime membership and complete your transaction
    1. Options for financial aid and making donations to Family Partnership can only be seen through the family account
  6. After you've confirmed the renewals and clicked SUBMIT, you can share the excitement on social media!

Get acquainted with the TROOP tab! From here you can:

  • Add a new member by selecting GIRL or ADULT at the bottom and press GO
  • Select VIEW/EDIT TROOP INFORMATION to ensure we have up-to-date troop information
  • Edit contact information if something changes
  • Add a volunteer role to an adult member


Another year full of giggles is ahead for your and your Girl Scout! You can renew her membership in just a few steps:

  1. Click SIGN IN at the top of this page — your username is your email address
  3. Navigate to the HOUSEHOLD tab and choose the current year or next year for renewal
  4. Select your renewal choice for each member of your household
  5. Once you reach the payment screen you can choose to donate to Family Partnership, upgrade any adults to lifetime members, request financial aid, and complete your transaction
  6. After you've confirmed your family's renewals and clicked SUBMIT, you can share the excitement on social media!