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together, we can get her there

That Daisy who sold you your annual box of Thin Mints could be the next president. The girls down the street may go on to discover the greatest technological breakthrough of our time. Your daughter might grow up to save lives as a doctor or biomedical engineer. Still, there is a cycle of discouragement that may prevent girls from moving forward.

Girls recognize good leaders as being talented, caring, honest, hard-working, confident, good listeners, and team players, yet only 21% of girls believe they have the qualities required to be a good leader.

What is discouraging her? She's not seeing role models and mentors in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. She is constantly confronted by unhealthy images that have become society’s standard for female beauty, and the bullying mentality of her peers holds her back.

Should this situation remain unchecked, millions of girls will never realize their full leadership potential. We all must be diligent and passionate in our support for girls, and it begins today. Each one of us has a role to play in helping girls realize their true potential.

ToGetHerThere is a campaign designed by Girl Scouts of the USA to bring attention to our society’s subtle messages that have unintended consequences for the girls that will lead us forward in the future.

Take the ToGetHerThere pledge, and explore our council's website to see how this movement is taking shape in your community.

When girls succeed, so does society. Together, we can get her there.

Read what our CEO, Maria Wynne, has to say about the future of girls in STEM.