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girls are our greatest natural resource

Girls love STEM, and Girl Scouts know how to make it fun!

 We encourage girls to have fun, do what they love, and never back down from a big adventure. So when we saw a huge gap between how many girls enjoy science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and how many girls actually chose a career in it, we wanted to do something about it!

According to the Girl Scout Research Institute study Generation STEM, 81 percent of girls are interested in STEM, yet only 13 percent say it’s their first choice.

In order to encourage buddings scientists of all ages, we offer a super-fun curriculum with tons of options. Girls can make their own slime, design their own experiments, test a myth of their choice, and even program a LEGO robot!  

Learn more about the research and what each one of us can do to ensure girls who love science and math get the support they need: