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your guide to chicago fun!

Planning a trip to the greater Chicago area is a great way to celebrate the rich history, architecture and people of our communities. To ensure your trip to our area is a fun one, Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana invites you to explore our Guide to Chicago section. On these pages, you will find helpful resources and tips for lodging, travel, fun and all things Girl Scouts.

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For a fun way to learn all about our area, start with the following trivia question and follow the links through all the sections of our guide pages. Here's your first question!

TRIVIA: Chicago architecture is amazing. For example, the exterior of Chicago's Tribune Tower is embedded with authentic parts of world-famous landmarks. One of the following landmarks did NOT contribute something to the Tribune Tower. Which one is it: the Taj Mahal (India), the Arc de Triomphe (France), the Great Wall (China) or Westminster Abbey (England)?

Answer: All are part of the exterior except the Great Wall of China! Yet the Tribune tower includes even more landmarks, like the Great Pyramids. Want more trivia? Continue your journey to the Lodging page.

Have fun and safe travels!