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Register a girl through esubmit

Instructions for Registering a Girl for the 2013-14 Membership Year

eSubmit: It's the fast, easy and convenient way to register to be a Girl Scout with Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana! If you do not live in our area, please use Girl Scouts of the USA's council finder to locate the Girl Scout council nearest you.

We invite you to register your daughter 24/7 using our NEW eSubmit form. If you received a Quick Start Guide from your leader, please have it with you when filling out your form.


• Paying by credit, debit or PayPal?  Fill out the eSubmit form for each indivual girl member you register.  Forward or print a copy of your confirmation e-mail to the troop leader for her records.
• Paying by cash or check?  Fill out the paper form available from your leader or use our fillable PDF, print it out and submit to your leader with the $15 national annual membership fee.
• Need financial assistance for the national membership dues? Fill out the paper membership registration form available from your leader or use the fillable PDF, print it out with a special notation requesting assistance, and submit to your leader or return to any Gathering Place.


Follow the link in your confirmation e-mail to view any additional troop registration items that need your signature such as a healthy history form or product program permission slip.

You are done. It's that simple.


Q. I get a "subject line" error when I use eSubmit.
A. If you are using a combination of Internet Explorer and the auto-fill feature, you may see this error. IE is auto-filling a hidden field, which causes the error. If you have another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), you should not get that error. If IE is the only browser you have installed, try closing the browser, reopen, and try again without the auto-fill feature.

Q. I received my confirmation e-mail and noticed a typo. How can I correct it?
A. Forward the confirmation to and let us know what needs to be changed. We'll be happy to make the corrections for you.

Q.  Can I use eSubmit to register more than one member of my family?
A. Yes, but each registration will be a separate transaction.  For your convenience, you may also use the fillable PDF for girls or for adults. Fill it out for the first member, print, change the specific information for the next member and print again. Then submit cash or check to your troop leader.

Q.  Can individual members use eSubmit?
A.  Yes.  Individual girl members (Juliettes) and service unit-affiliated adult members can enter their service unit number only (if known) and click the independent Girl Scout button in eSubmit.

Q. Can Girl Scout Ambassadors graduating from high school use eSubmit to purchase their lifetime membership at the discounted rate?
A. No, because of the special discount, they need to use paper forms. Please submit by Sept. 1 of their graduating year. If graduating Girl Scout Ambassadors register as lifetime members BEFORE Sept. 1, the one-time cost will be $156. If they register after Sept. 1 but still within their graduating year, the one-time cost will increase to $225. If you register by June 15, the council can send a certificate suitable for gift giving congratulating the Girl Scout on her new lifetime membership.

Q. Can I register for this year, 2012-13, with eSubmit?
A. No. eSubmit reflects the national dues increase to $15 for annual membership. Therefore it is only available for those registering now for next membership year.  

Q. How will the troop leader know when l register?
A. You will receive an e-mail confirmation after you register. Please print or forward it to your troop leaders as receipt. If you don't receive a confirmation, contact us at

Q. Where can I get paper forms?
A. You may download copies of all forms from the eSubmit forms webpage in PDFs or fillable PDFs. If you need additional paper forms, contact your service unit registrar or pick up forms that any of the six Gathering Places during regular business hours.

Q. What if my daughter is bridging to a new troop?
A. You may still use eSubmit. Use the new troop information and forward your confirmation to the new leader.  If you don’t know the new troop number, it is okay to leave it blank.

Q. Can I still register my daughter if I don't know the troop number?
A. Yes.  Having the troop and service unit numbers are helpful, but not required.

Q. Can I register my daughter if she doesn’t have a troop?
A.  Yes.  We have many girls who participate in events, camp or travel pathways without being in a troop. If you prefer a troop setting, we will make every attempt to place your daughter in a community-based troop as one becomes available. In the meantime, please encourage her to get involved with Girl Scouting by participating in our council-wide events.

Q. What is the early registration incentive for girls?
A. All girls who register using eSubmit or paper by June 28, 2013, will receive an early registration patch in the fall.


If you have questions, please contact the eSubmit Hotline by e-mail or phone at 1-855-ILOVEGS extension 6720.