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Camp Rentals

All outdoor adventures help girls build leadership skills, and they also challenge girls of all ages to build new skills, and foster a life-long love and respect for the environment.

Each camp and program facility under our care boasts different amenities and varying program opportunities. Some feature swimming pools, while others have a lake so girls can learn the art of sailing. We encourage those who are familiar with one property to explore all the properties now included in our portfolio. They are perfect locations for day outings, council events, training, meetings, workshops, resident camp, troop camping, and summer opportunities.

Our council has made a commitment to invest in a portfolio of properties, many of which currently need attention and repair to ensure we are offering rewarding and memorable experiences for girls. While a portion of the Girl Scout Cookie Program proceeds do offset some of the costs associated with the properties, it has never adequately matched the reality of expenses - and that's especially true in today's difficult economy.

In fall 2009, our board of directors appointed a Long Range Property Planning Committee (LRPPC), comprised of geographically representative volunteers with relevant professional skills and who are passionate about their involvement in the Girl Scout Movement. After extensive review and input from thousands of girls, parents and volunteers, the LRPPC recommended and our board voted to approve a smaller portfolio of properties that will better support the Girl Scout Mission and the council's strategic plan. To review the details of the long-range property planning process, click here.

The council offers seven properties to enhance girls' leadership experiences that are available for rental at prices that match today's realities. 

Please view our detailed information on each camp including, facilities, pricing, dining and pictures by clicking on the links to those properties below.


Step by Step Guide

To spend time at one of our beautiful properties, there is a fairly simple reservation process that might seem complicated only if it's the first time you are reserving a property. All property reservations are handled by camp registrar in the Chicago office. Girl Scout troops/groups have first choice, but we do accept reservations from other organizations or groups in order to fully utilize our properties so it is best to plan more than six months in advance to reserve a location.

Six Easy Steps:


1. Decide what meeting space, recreation amenities and lodging accommodations you would like to use. You may wish to visit the property and have our property manager show you around before you decide. Just call our property registrar at 312-416-2500, ext. 6323 for instructions on how to schedule a visit.

2. Take a moment to complete our Property Rental Application. Send the property registrar a completed application via email, fax or mail. Once all the required information is entered in our system, our Registrar will send you a contract and other necessary documentation.

3. Send back the signed contract with a reservation deposit (50 percent). Payment can be made via credit card or check.

4. The adult in charge should supply participants with a Parents/Guardians Information – Activity Permission and Emergency Medical Form located in this Volunteer Essentials resource.

5. A certified first aider must be present at all times with your group. Send copies of their first aid and CPR card(s). If a physician, nurse or EMT individual will be the certified representative for your group, a copy of their license or license number must be provided.

6. Send the property registrar final numbers for recreations, meals (if appropriate) and final payment no less than 14 days before your arrival at camp. If you have questions, please contact our property registrar at 312-416-2500, ext. 6323 for help.

Girl Scout groups will have first priority to rent camp/program center facilities up to six months prior to your event start date. Closer than six months out, the facilities become available to new outside group rental, but may still be available. In other words, it is best to plan six month in advance. Our camp registrar is Celeste Adams Holecek, 312-416-2500, ext. 6323.