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online program guide

Whoa! Check it out! Our 2014-15 online program guide is up NOW>>>

We think you’re pretty cool. One morning you walked out the door with mismatched socks—the next day it was a trend. You’re a trendsetter, so why not pick a program that’s as unique as you?

Get ready to pen your own play, build an app, paddle a canoe, and change the world one badge at a time. This is where it all starts.

Our program guides are built just for you; organized by age-level and full of fun stuff to take you from "whoa" to "wow" and back again. Use the hyperlinks embedded in each guide to quickly jump into our program registration process - just remember to write down the codes before you head to the next step!

If you want to download a guide, please note that the files are large and require a significant amount of time to load. Use the download link under each image.

Download program registration forms.