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Considerate and Caring

Hi, my name is Aliya and I donated my prize from cookie sales to a great cause. Over the winter holidays I went to mass with my family when Father Paul from Resurrection Church was talking about how much money they needed to buy a new roof for our church. Later that day I was telling my grandpa who’s a deacon that I wanted to help raise money to pay for the new roof. Read More

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Future CEO

For me, I was inspired to sell boxes of Girl Scout Cookies from all of the contagious enthusiasm. In previous years, I have continually seen people completely in LOVE with Girl Scout Cookies. One college kid who saw our site sale booth jumped three feet in the air and said "YES! I have been looking for these for two weeks! Finally!" He brightened my day, making it all seem worthwhile. Another instance of the Cookie Lovers was the man who bought a box of Tagalongs from me then proceeded into the grocery store that I was outside of. Not more than ten minutes later, he came back to me saying, "Excuse me, I need to buy some more. I ran out already!" I have racked up countless stories like these that puts a smile on my face.

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